“Butcher Paper” is a series rendering collaged cuts of lamb, beef and pork.  Through flesh, bone and sinew, I explore the meat case at the point where it intersects commerce, natural resource and privileged sustenance.  As the sharp eye and artful blade of a good butcher recognizes, rigor & symbolic complexity form a union; behind the formal presentation of meat lies a vigorous promise of sexuality, further contemplation reveals architecture, artistry, preservation, spoilage, mortality and its denial.

In acquisition and purchase of meat towards gastronomy, red flesh can cook to blue, green, yellow, orange, brown or even carbonize to black, transcending the marketable image of meat, even though that transformation enhances pleasure & nourishment, commodification leads to bone, scrap and waste.

In raw excavation, blood & sweat conditions of the slaughterhouse correspond to those of the diamond mine.  Working towards sales, presentation is everything.  The scraps of diamond cutting can become an emery board; the scraps of meat cutting can become dog food or glue.

Like pieces in the carefully lit case or window display of a fine jeweler, these works depend on cut, color, size and scale.  One weighs a gem stone like one weighs meat—carot is to poundage, as clarity is to grade, as diamond is to t-bone.