This compelling creature is a riddle.

Slash of yellow, tear of black,

Golden tapestry,

Sun-strike, match-lit burst of brilliance.

The beguiling bee, the nectar hunter keeps busy

every 24 hours with the same species of flower.

Strategy melts away into diligent, rigorous, genetically-patterned,

unrelenting, Herculean productivity.


With only 42 days to live, the tireless worker bee pushes to the limit.

She finds the nectar, eats the pollen.

Flowers sustain her; she sustains flowers and fruit and life.


Cocotos’ precise rendering of the brilliance of life thru

Depictions of her death, deepens the riddle.

With an empathy for one’s fragility,

There is beauty in the deterioration and decay.

The bee’s glorious life is quickly consumed.